wayfinding consultant

Hermes Identity is a boutique consultancy specializing in wayfinding; the strategy, design and implementation of navigational systems used to orient through a physical space.

All built and natural environments have elements unique to its surroundings. Our wayfinding team develop creative solutions for self orientation and navigation based on local architectural and natural features in conjunction with static signage and GPS systems.

Our specialists devise and implement wayfinding systems that enhance the experience within such environments, while protecting a site’s visual integrity.

Understanding the complexities of displaying navigational signage where placement (involving sight lines), text & symbol heights, and visual consistency are all linked in providing a successful outcome for both users and stakeholders.

Hermes Identity has consulted for numerous departments within NSW’s public infrastructure since its establishment in 2001.

In August 2014 we were forced to suspend consulting for 18 months due to illness. We are now fully engaged in all our wayfinding services and would like to thank all our colleagues who supported us during that trying period.

‘I worked with Hermes Identity to facilitate a whole of campus wayfinding strategy. Kevin was responsive and practical in his approach to the brief. The end result has attracted positive feedback and made wayfinding on the campus much easier for staff, visitors and patients. I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a genuine team player to assist them with their needs.’

Cathy Crowe
General Manager | Mental Health
Nepean Hospital